Friday, February 21, 2020

How To Write Useful And Readers' Friendly Blog Articles?

February 21, 2020

How To Write Reader Friendly Blog Article

An article is a piece of useful information written either as hard or soft copy.

Yes an article must be informative and useful. Underline the word Useful. If the piece of information you are passing don't solve any problem, then it's all garbage and readers' waste of time.

Infact statistics says that an uninteresting article is usually abandoned by the reader within the first 5 seconds of glancing through it. Same way an interesting article will catch the readers attention even within 3 seconds.

In this article I will take you through what you need to do to make your article simple, yet very useful and readers friendly.

How To Write Reader Friendly Blog Article?

1. Choose the right title or topic for your article. 

2. Remember that the readers are looking for information to solve their problems: Have already told you in the intro of this article that your article should be Useful

3. Your article should be concise, (correct spellings and sentences) straight to the point, don't beat around the bush.

4. Have a good knowledge about the topic before writing an article on it: No reader will love to finish reading a post and get more confused than before.

5. Descriptive articles are the best: Articles that show the readers how it's done and with images or screenshots of the steps to take. They say images speak volumes.

Let me emphasize on this, have seen a lot of young and even supposed professional bloggers write descriptive articles without adding images.

 How can you be teaching the readers how it's done and no screenshots of how or steps? Unless it's not a descriptive article. Even if, cool images have been found to make the readers stay longer on your blog than usual.

I was going through an article, and it was about a soccer player and the blogger didn't even thought of adding the player's photo. So imagine I was reading a post and Googling to see the exact player he was referring to.

Immediately a reader leaves your blog to Google for that key information that you missed in your article, he or she will not come back to your blog. They always remain where the information is; there's a saying that ants only gather around where there's sweets.

So please if what you are writing about is descriptive or not, add some attractive image or images.

6. Avoid the use of jargons unless you are writing about a field that uses those jargons and the readers too may well understand them, but do not assume and if you must use abbreviations do well to also put the meaning in parenthesis, that's in 'bracket' ( ). Remember again the readers came to learn more not to come and see how good you are in article writing. Lolz

7. Very importantly learn to use headers or headings in your articles. Headings allow the readers understand easily the next step or phase of the discussion. It makes the discussion flow easily. 

Let's say you wrote an article about "How to Cure Coronavirus" because you have no headings and have a lot of information all stuffed together, for a quick reader who needed just that How? information will be frustrated trying to go through all the article line after line, but if you have a heading within the article that says "Steps to Cure Coronavirus" you see the reader knows that he or she is likely to get this particular key information under this heading.

For bloggers using, using heading from the post editor is very easy as you can see in my screenshot below: 

Once you click on "New Post" and make sure post is on "Compose" mode, take your cursor to where I circled red and choose to write Heading or Subheading

8. Finally always have a good conclusion or satisfactory summary.

I believe this article will be helpful to those trying to post on forum like and get their posts approved and paid for. Implement this few, but useful tips to make your blogging journey very fruitful.

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Sunday, February 16, 2020

How to Create and Apply For Google Adsense even Though Blogger Says "Not Qualified At This Time" (Complete Guide)

February 16, 2020

How to Apply for Google Adsense even Though Blogger Says "Not Qualified for Adsense This Time"

One of the very frustrating thing as a blogger is to create a cool blog and you feel you are ready to start monetizing your blog but sign into Blogger and see "Not Qualified for Adsense This Time".

 Relax even my blogger Admin shows this message but Google is serving me ads.

How to Apply For Google Adsense and Get Approved Easily

In this post, I will guide you through the registration process without headache.

Before you apply for Google Adsense, make sure you have created at least 4 clean articles that you wrote yourself. I mean from ground up or from the scratch. 

Don't copy and paste other people's contents, and articles must not necessarily be very lengthy. Just clean and quality articles in the niche that you have chosen. You can do this.

This was exactly what I did and 18 days after I launched this blog, Google started serving me Ads.

Please before you go further I recommend you read this first: 

What You Must do Before Applying for Google Adsense

So let's say everything is set and ready to apply, follow this steps:

1. You need a Google Account. Don't have a Google Account Click HERE

2. Make sure your blog or website complies with Google Policy

How to Create Google Adsense Account?

2. Click on Get Started and Sign up now. See My Screenshot below:
How to Apply For Google Adsense and Get Approved Easily

3. Enter the your site or Blog URL where you want Google to show Ads. See Screenshot below:

How to Apply For Google Adsense and Get Approved Easily

4. Enter your Google email Address

5. Choose whether you will like Adsense to send you customized help and performance suggestions. Please select it.

6. Click save when and Google will give you the Adsense Codes to put on your blog HTML. This is always easy, put the code immediately after the head tag. See my screenshot below:

How to Apply For Google Adsense and Get Approved Easily

8. Click on copy, Click submit, (Or come back and click on submit when you are done with the html) login to Blogger and click on "Theme" and edit HTML,  and paste it below the head tag as shown in the screenshot below:

How to Apply For Google Adsense and Get Approved Easily

Save the codes when you are done.

 That's it at this point in time you have to wait for Google's review to approve your site or blog. The beauty is, if your website isn't approved, don't panic it happens to everybody. Google will tell you what and what you need to do adjust the blog. When you have fixed the issues, add your website again. 

And Or:

1. Login to your Google Account and Select your country or territory

2.  Now review and accept Adsense Terms and Condition

3. Click Create account. That's it you are now signed into your new Adsense account.

At this point you can't do much again as Google will have to review your site or blog. If your blog meets Google's guidelines your website will be approved.

Note whenever you apply for Adsense, don't post any article or adjust theme or template on the blog until you get a reply. I notice that as you keep posting while waiting for Google to reply, Google will think your site is under construction and won't get your website approved.

 Please your domain should have been at least 18 days old to apply for Adsense.

In summary write clean contents, like I said at least 4 Posts with at least 500 words.

See the first 4 posts I wrote that got my blog approved. Go through them and see how I simply presented the contents:

How to start up an ECommerce Business?

Please make sure you have got a custom domain for all these to work seamlessly. If you need help with getting a custom domain and setup, join the forum and let the community know so you can get quick help. Again join the community HERE

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

How to Add Copyright to Blog Footer After Removing Powered by Blogger (Complete Guide)

February 12, 2020

How to Add Your Own Copyright to Blog Footer After Removing Powered by Blogger.

One of the things you would want to have on your blog as a professional blogger is your own copyright footer. Yes you will want to let people know that you know what you are doing and that the blog or website is copyrighted to you. Seriously it's a great feeling. 

I also know you may just have started this great journey of blogging and that's why in all my posts I'm taking out time to help you become a professional.

In this post, I will show you how to add your own copyright to blog footer after removing powered by blogger. Just relax this will be fun as it won't take you up to 3 minutes and you are done. 

First what's a footer copyright?

A copyright in the general sense legally indicates the owner of a creative work. Thus, a copyright footer indicate same that you own the blog. So you see it's some worth important to your branding.

How to Add Copyright to Blog Footer?

In my recent post I showed us the few steps involved in removing "Powered by Blogger". If Powered by Blogger is still showing on your blog footer then read This. After you have understood first how to remove that blogger footer or attribution, then it's time you add your own footer copyright.

Steps by Steps How to Add Copyright to Blog Footer

1. Login to Blogger
2. Click on "theme" or "template"
3. Click on Edit HTML
4. Scroll down to the last part of your HTML codes until you see the closing body tag. A closing body tag has a less than sign follow by a forward slash sign and then closed with a greater than sign:
Look at my screenshots below:

When you have logged in to Blogger and click on Edit HTML like I said earlier scroll to the very bottom of your codes to see the closing body tag as shown in my screenshot below:

Now just immediately before the closing body tag, add this codes: <p style='text-align:center;'>Copyright (c) 2020 <a href=''>Paul Omogie</a> All Right Reserved</p>

Please remember to put your own blog URL and your Blog name in Place of mine and my name, if not my name and website URL will be on your footer and I'm sure you don't want to make such mistake. And just to add that you can also write "Power by" or whatever you want there in place of Copyright. Look at my screenshot below:

Once you are done, save it. Yes! You have done it. You have successfully branded your own website as the full owner.

Now visit your blog again you see something like this as have shown below:

That's how your footer copyright should look like. Note you can always edit the year.

Now that you know how to add a footer copyright to your blog, I want you to go implement it, and drop your blog URL in the comment section below let me assess your progress, and please do share this post on social media. Thank you

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Still Don’t Know What to Blog About?

February 12, 2020

Still Don’t Know What to Blog About.

Today I want to awaken your mind with some few tips. Tips that will get you really thinking.

Most of the times when I mentor some young bloggers I hear them say they really don’t know what to blog about. That always make me laugh. Fact is as far as there’s sun and the moon, there’s over a million stuffs to talk about. Look around you. I mean look at how vast the universe is. Look at the size of one country like America alone. Look at the multifaceted cultural revolution in the world today.

Just take a look at how the world has involved, how entertainment industry has grown. Look at how the internet and social media has made the world look smaller by the day and you say you still don’t know what to blog about?

Well don’t be worried let me give you something to go back and think about. But wait, why do we even have to blog ? 

The thing is blogging is like online newspaper and many are seeking for the information that you have. Statistics says that over a million people search for one particular information on daily basis.

Information is power and if you can provide it at the time it’s needed, you will become very relevant and powerful. 

Look at this memes I have put together to just spark your mind. Note that have not in anyway near exhausting this list, but just a tip of the iceberg. I didn’t even make mention of blogging about technology. Do you know that there are millions out there who don’t know how to reset their smartphones to factory settings? 😂Well that’s fact.

Still Don’t Know What to Blog About?

Tell me one person who doesn’t like food and I will point out a million who love food... Lolz

What happen to romance stories all over the world: Celebrity romances, engagements, marriages and divorces?

Think about it, just a smartphone with a sharp camera and you can be photo bombing our timeline with your presence as a "photoblogger"

Just what about ladies gossips. What about blogging about girl corner?

Like I said earlier there's no way I was going to exhaust the list, as this was just to spark your mind to wake up and start thinking if you really want to blog there's a billion stuffs out there to blog about. 

To kick start, I recommend you learn how to create your own blog Here in less than 10 Minutes. Once you are done with that, you can also read Here how to choose a great title. for your blog.

 And finally I will advise you take your time to go through this entire blog and feel free to enjoy all the resources I've put in place to help make this great journey of yours easy.

Was this little tips helpful? Please kindly share across all social media and also feel free to ask me any question in the comment section. Thank you

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly

February 06, 2020

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly Guaranteed!

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly

Information is key. If you have access to great information, then you are halfway to making good money.

In this era of technology and social networking, making money as become a lot easier if you can solve a problem.

I know you are probably thinking that $30 can't even buy a good meal on a date. 

Yea I agree that $30 is very small, but wait until I shock you. 

Therefore I want you to grab a seat, get a cup of juice or coffee and pay attention as I practically show you how you can build a huge business empire with $30.

Let me ask you this; How many people do you think use Facebook services alone?

Well Facebook estimated that 2.2 Billion people use their services daily. That's Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. 

You don't get it do you? We are 7.8 Billion people on earth and 28% of human race is on Facebook alone. Wow!

If Facebook has gathered 2.2 Billion people in one spot for you and I then why can't you build a business around Facebook? 2.2 Billion potential clients. Hula!!!

Well let me show you:

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly?

Let me introduce to you business of the century; Viral Social Media Marketing or Target Audience Marketing.

Every brand need the exposure, companies always want to increase their sales and getting this brands the right audience can increase their sales by by over 150% guaranteed. This is called Target Audience Marketing, TAM.

So what do you need to get this business going?

1. A Smartphone

2. Access to the Internet

3. You will need a Facebook Fan Page

4. A bank with Visa or Debit Card that allow international payments. A Paypal account can do too.

Please just so you know most local banks in your area accept International Payments. E.g if you were in Nigeria, most Visa Cards from your local banks will do

Yes just this four things.

So what will you be doing?

You will be helping millions of brands out there to Create and Manage Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Now you need to have Fan Page to advertise yourself first. Don't know how to create a Facebook Fan page, please see how to HERE.

Please your Fan Page should depict the exact services you will be offering to your potential clients.

You can choose names like "Target Audience Nigeria, Viral Digital Marketers, Reachout" etc. 

Note that this names may not be available for use but just giving you head start to keep your mind wondering and thinking.

Now let's say you have created your Fan Page, put a beautiful background design and logo and ready to start your social media business.

You know what? You don't need an office or staff to run this business at this point and this keep your cost to minimal.

So it's time you launch yourself out there and how can you do that?

You can quickly invite all your friends to like your page. This is easy this days as Facebook now have "invite all" button and if you don't have friends, don't worry I will show you how to get fans. So follow me.

Look at the screenshot below to see how to invite all your friends at once to like and follow your Fan Page:

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly

Now click on "select all" and this will select all your friends that have not received any invite or liked the page yet. Next click on "Send Invites". This will send invites to all those selected all at once. See second screenshot below:

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly

Now it's time to make your first post. This post should be very catchy, clear, concise and your soon to be customers should understand what service you are set to render to them. Please before now you should have added "About" to your fan page.

See example of the kind of post you should create and publish on your page, see screenshot below:

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly

Cool, you have made your first post and it's time to boost it and make it go viral. Target your potential clients.

Immediately you made this post, Facebook will give you the opportunity to boost the post.

So click on boost post, follow the few and simple instructions. like choose target location, this expands, choose the location you want your ad to go. If you are in Nigeria and looking for massive traffic, Kindly choose "Lagos" that's where the huge traffic is. Plus most brands that will patronize you easily are there. 

Set the sex or gender of those to see your ad and of course choose "All" and then set age limit. For me I always like to chose from 24 to 55 years. Ask yourself will a 21  year old person readily need my service? 
See screenshot below:

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly

If you have set location before or not, click on that edit to expand it. See screenshot below:

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly

Scroll down and you will see the potential target audience you have chosen. Plus you can even further filter it and add interests, like targeting people who like business and Facebook will sure show your ad to only those who indicated interest as "business" while signing up on Facebook. Now if that's the location you wanted, click "save". See screenshot below:

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly

Now it's time to set the amount you want to spend daily. Remember I said you can start this business with $30? Yea I want you to run your ad for your new business for at least 30 days. Spend $1 daily. 

You can spend more or less depending on how deep your will want your ad to go.

If you are in Nigeria this is just about N9,500 that you will spend for a whole month introducing your business to soon to be clients. 

How many potential clients will see your ads?

See screenshot below:

Business You Can Start With $30 And Make Good Profit Weekly

In the screenshot above, you will get an average of 350 to 1,000 people seeing your new business daily and for 30 days, I can assure you over 30,000 people would have seen your services you render. Wow!

See I can bet that this will fetch you over 50 new customers who will want your service. 

Just make you respond to everyone who like or comment on your post.

I do follow up those who like my page. If you like my page, I will inbox you to know if you can be a potential client. Please don't spam peoples inbox with just copy and paste or those lengthy marketing messages. Keep it short and simple.

When you are ready, it's time to click on "create ad" and then Facebook is going to tell you to add your payment method. Add it and click save.

Please before then check with your bank if they prefer dollar for international transactions or your local currency. Again if you are in Nigeria, Facebook will give you the opportunity to choose "Naira" as the currency, but one funny thing is that during payments some banks won't let it go through as they feel that you didn't allow them to charge you base on the currency exchange rate they have pre-set. I will say choose USD if your bank supports that. 

Also note Facebook don't charge for the ads or ad immediately. They will charge you close to the end of the month or at a certain threshold. Please always pay to avoid them banning your ad account. This will impact your business negatively.

Your add is almost ready and Facebook will tell you that they are reviewing it and if it meet their guidelines will be approved.

Once it's approved, your ad will start running and you will be seeing post engagements almost immediately.

Why will this potential brands want to patronize you?

Tell them your brand will help them engage their customers when they advertise with you. Meaning you always run online customer care for them. That's a plus, I can bet they will want that.

How do you make money from Facebook Advertising Agency?

1. You will charge brands how much you want to base on the duration they want to run ads. E.g you can tell them to take their services to 50,000 that you will charge $150 and that this include you engaging their own potential customers for them. Remember this will cost you say $50. You have just made $100 from this one client.

2. You can manage their own Fan pages and charge them per week, or month

3. You can make money from commission. You can use your own money on your page and advertise for this brands, send them leads, make sales and get your own commission. In fact this is how affiliate marketing works.

Note as you expand, you can add more admin to your own page as customer cares who will manage clients ads on your page. This is a huge and sustainable business as Facebook will always be here and even grow more.

When the duration of your clients ad is reached, and your client is of course satisfied, then you can ask then if they want to run ad again or you can delete ad from your page not to give them continuous and free advertisement.

If you follow this steps and take this serious, I assure you you can make over $500 weekly for a start.

Imagine you build this new business of yours ground up for the next 3 years consistently, I can assure you of over 1,000 clients who will patronize you weekly, monthly and you know what that means.

Now that have showed you the process this is basically what you will be doing on daily or weekly basis, creating targeted ads for your clients.

Please also note that in as much as you can advice your clients, always ask them the location they want to target. If a client has a business in say USA, would be wrong targeting UK as a location. If their business is in Abuja, it will be wise to target Abuja and the gender they want, unless otherwise a client say target the whole country, or two, three, or multiple states.

I want you to sit down know and plan and execute this business. Start with Facebook first and then expand later to Instagram. Facebook ads are very fruitful.

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