Back to School Project Project: Get Your Tuition Paid

You will agree with me that so many university or college students across Africa find it so difficult to pay their tuition since student loans is not readily available or accessible. Thus, as an individual who have also had a fair share of pains, believe the best way to contribute to the society is through education. Besides this is the third time I'm doing this.

To apply for this back to school project, simply fill the form below, submit, click the follow button so you can get updates and then hit the share button so your friends on Facebook and Twitter can also partake and benefit.

Once you are picked, will notify you and pay your tuition. Please note you aren't doing anything extra to get this. It's 100% free and just a kind gesture from me to you. Just make sure you share this on social media let others too benefit. For those willing to support me in this project, kindly reach out to me via the contact form. Thank you and Good luck!

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