Friday, July 10, 2020

11 Time Management Lessons Every Blogger Should Learn

Time Management Lessons Every Blogger Should Learn

Do you ever feel like you've been fighting a losing war against time? Desperately wanting to make meaningful progress with the growth of your blog-just to run out of time constantly? I will share some harsh truths you need to hear in this article, and some important lessons that will allow you to make the most of your time.

Lesson 1-Your friend is time (never your enemy)
If you still think you don't have enough time – there's never going to be enough time. Why? For what? Because thoughts transform into objects. Of course not actual objects but how we think about something can have an impact on how we feel about it. And in terms of time this is extremely true. The deal: Time is a constant. It is neither bad nor good. It's what it is-an unchanging force. And if you stop trying to fight a time-losing battle, you'll be far more successful.

What's the alternative, then?
Stop saying "I don't have enough time" or "I'm too busy"-take time for what it is. This will sound a little 'out there' but it does work. I once raced around like a lunatic and repeatedly screamed the words 'I don't have enough time' – generally preceded or followed by 'aaaaaah!! 'My productivity eventually deteriorated and my levels of stress went through the roof. I was still nervous because I couldn't recognize the constraints of my time.

There was something I had to offer so I took a step back and reframed the way I thought about time (and spoke). My stress levels gradually decreased and my productivity levels improved. I became less aggressive and calmer. As a result, I started seeing my company progress faster. When you stop portraying time as some kind of challenge in your mind – you'll feel calmer, less anxious and more normal progress will come.

Lesson 2 - Establish realistic expectations
Time is almost finite. And while I'm sharing some strategies to make the most of your time, it's important you're setting realistic expectations. Unless you're Dr. Strange, chances are that through sheer willpower you won't be able to warp space-time.

It's just so much you can achieve. So, when you set goals try to give yourself some breathing room. It takes time to build a blog, and make it successful. And, I know, it's easy to see some crazy, impressive income reports and think "well, I can do that for sure? "Then, when progress is slow, become discouraged.

But the reality is that these individuals have been grafting to grow their blog for years. Some of them have released thousands of blog posts, videos, and other content styles. And, of course, there are others who may show fairly rapid progress but often forget to mention their over 10 years of marketing experience. So keep pace. Give yourself enough time to grow your blog, and keep that motivation more likely. And as a result, you will have more chance of succeeding. Many people fail because they leave too early.

Lesson 3-Make your final goal clear
You need to know where you're going before you can develop your blogging strategy. You need to keep in mind a simple end goal. Something to push for. Most bloggers tend to aim for a monthly amount of the dollar that fits well because it's specific and measurable. This number can be as high as you want, but remember what I said earlier about your expectations – be rational. The important part is to be aspiring to have something unique.

If the goal is too loose and open ended, you 're never going to reach it, because you're never going to be 100 % sure what you're aiming for. If your goal is to earn your blog money just fill in a monthly dollar figure. Even if you're re-evaluating your goal in the future, it 's critical to have one anyway.

Lecture 4-Map the most effective way to achieve your goal
Having in mind your ultimate goal, you need to plan a strategy that will enable you to achieve that goal in the most efficient way possible. Other growth strategies will allow you to get there faster.

Of example, if you compare that to a blog monetizing with courses + affiliate links, monetizing a blog with AdSense would probably be rather slow. Especially since you can hire affiliates to sell you courses. With addition to the monetization techniques, you should also consider the efficacy of traffic strategies. And, for affiliate offers SEO will be a great traffic driver but this type of traffic will be less likely to click on advertising. So be sure to take that into account when preparing your strategy.

Lesson 5-Take less time to complete tasks
This relates to what I said earlier. While with your goals you need to be practical, you also need to avoid giving yourself so much time that you lack a sense of urgency. Job expands to fill in the amount of time we owe it. Give it less time, and get the work done faster.

Lesson 6 – Use time-batching to achieve more in less time
I know some bloggers every so often spend an hour or two on their blog. There's nothing wrong with that. You have to take what works for you. Personally I find that if I block 4-8 hours at a time to work on my blog, I can make more progress.

When I spend 30-60 minutes every couple of days, it takes me too long to get into what I'm doing (unless it's something simple like handling social media, etc.) Note: make sure to take a break every 30 minutes.

Lesson 7-Sort your working environment
Did you ever notice that the amount of clutter in your work environment increases your stress levels? Back in the days of my marketing agency, I thought I had to keep my foot down to the floor (so to speak) and go flat out 100% of the time. As rough as I could probably. As a consequence, I would be confused and disorganized in my work environment – which resulted in lower productivity returns.

Lesson 8 – Don't let tasks turn into gremlins
A few years ago, I began writing a blog post. My plan for the post got out of control. I ‘scope creeped 'myself and I hit a creative roadblock. The post became a bit of a problem for me and it turned into a bit of an article about gremlin.
 Looking back, it was entirely irrational to see it as something of a question. So I went back to the post 18 months later, rewrote it and finished it in an afternoon. So I wondered what the real hell I was missing. Here's the lesson: If you're ever feeling like putting off something – take on that job as soon as you can.

Lesson 9 - Step off the 'endless planning' hamster wheel
As bloggers, it's easy to get sucked into overwhelming information and get so distracted by all the strategies we could use, that we're making very little progress. To solve this issue the best way is to build a simple strategy and just go for it.

Don't consider yourself second. Avoid distractions, and act as quickly as possible. The more progress you make the less you'll feel overwhelmed.

Lesson 10-Maintain a healthy balance between work and life
If you've been looking at Instagram for a lot of time, you 're likely to have come across those accounts that promote grinding and hustling over any kind of work balance. Personally – I think over the long term this strategy can be dangerous. Why? For what? For far too long I did the grind and hustle. I 'd leave the house at 8 am during the week, open a team office, deal with customers, etc. Normally I would get back about 7 pm, cook my garbage food as I was exhausted and work on the Blogging Wizard.

I would split my time with a few friends between the Blogs at the weekends. There was no balance between work and life at all. I got one equipment: go. And, right up to the moment I wasn't, I felt I was winning. Don't ignore your personal and healthy life, take it from me.

Lesson 11 – Scale outsourcing
One of the best ways to release your time is to start externalization. Yeah, you usually can't do this when you just start off. But outsourcing is a great way to save time and make rapid progress as long as you can justify it.

These days, almost anything can be outsourced:
  • Content writing
  • Blog management
  • Blog creation
  • Proofreading
  • Graphic design
  • Content promotion
  • SEO...and so on.

I found it hard to outsource in the early days. My own things I enjoyed doing and I hated spending money. It didn't make much sense to spend so much time on what I did not like and wasn't healthy. I'm only writing a short for a few minutes – send this in an email and send back images the next day. Plain. Simple. But more than just the tasks you dislike, you can outsource.

For example, you will need other writers to support you if you want to turn your blog into a digital publication. So, how are these functions outsourced? You can take the route of hiring an agency, but by hiring freelancers you can get more for your money. See the freelance work pages for our post.

It's not easy to build a profitable blog, but it can be done with a smart, patient and dedicated approach. Take this course and use it to refine the time management strategy. The lessons have profoundly influenced me and I'm sure they are going to do the same for you.