Education is power and one of the best places to get a quality education is one of the UK universities. In case you don't know, the UK is one of the countries with a high standard of education and learning and not just that every year they accept hundreds of Africans under scholarship fully funded for graduate and postgraduate studies. If you are an African who is nursing the dreams to study abroad especially in the UK, the information on this page is going to be very useful to you as we are going to show you 3 great and fully funded scholarships in and around the United Kingdom and websites to apply for them. 

 However please note that the type of scholarship you wish to apply for depends on your program choice and largely on your country, as some countries are not eligible for some scholarships, we encourage you to first check if your country is among the eligible countries that their citizens can apply for the scholarship and then proceed. Below are three Great fully funded Scholarships in the Uk.

 GREAT SCHOLARSHIPS There are over 300 great scholarships that are available from more than 40 UK Universities to students from about 13 eligible countries, we are going to show you just three of such scholarship opportunities and how to apply for them. English language teaching scholarship This is for students and immigrants who wish to study The English language to become professionals in handling the subject. To apply for this scholarship you would have to visit the website or you can simply send them a mail or make enquiries on the provided website.

Scotland's Saltire scholarship offered by the Scottish Government This Scholarship is offered by the Scottish government collaborating with Scottish universities for science, technology, creative industries, healthcare and medical healthcare, medical sciences and clean energy. They claim that they offer up to 80 awards and that each award is fully funded with £8000.

 Unfortunately, only students from Canada, China, India, Japan, Pakistan and the USA are eligible to apply. To apply the applicant will have to go to their official website HERE Commonwealth Scholarship and fellowship plan Fortunately, this one is for all commonwealth countries, it includes a distant learning program plus an academic professional and medical fellowships. If you are from an English speaking country, quickly rush to the website, fill the form and you may be among the lucky qualified applicants to be granted fully-funded scholarships. You can apply HERE

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