Wednesday, May 12, 2021


IS YOUR IPHONE REALLY ORIGINAL? 🤔 Read and learn below: How to know original IPhone from Apple, go to your settings, click on General, Click on About Phone, and Check Model Number. If Model number starts with letter M, means it has never been touched or refurbished. N means Apple Company refurbished it themselves and F means a third party did refurbish it. Also the last three letters should be like LL/A. If the last three letters is CH/ then it's not a U.S global version. That is Chinese version. Also go to settings and check the storage and battery health. The battery health should be at least 70% and above. Also take the serial number of the IPhone and visit then input it in the search bar... Did Apple say 'Valid Purchase Date'? Yes warranty may not be there, but should at least say Valid Purchase Date. Now that you know, I want you to check your Iphone if it is Original... Goodluck to you. Powered by Kasoowa: The Marketplace Please kindly share for others to learn